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Thorough keyword research is the foundation of effective SEO for any website. When working with multiple clients, agencies need access to accurate and expansive keyword data. The right tools make it easier to identify the best terms to target to maximize organic visibility and traffic.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 7 keyword research tools tailored for the needs of SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s free Keyword Planner is a great starting point for agencies of any size. As Google’s own tool, it provides trusted search volume data directly from the source.

Capabilities and Features

The tool generates keyword ideas based on a domain or seed keywords entered. It shows average monthly searches and competition metrics for terms, helping validate if a keyword is worth targeting. There are also options to filter keywords by location to support geo-targeted projects.

Ideal for confirming main head terms and their search popularity. However, the main downside is Keyword Planner only shows data for keywords searched at least 1000 times per month, hiding potentially valuable long-tail terms during research.


For robust keyword data, Ahrefs is arguably the most powerful paid SEO toolkit for agencies. The keyword research features deliver complete search volume, CPC, and competition metrics for any term or phrase.

Comprehensive Data and Analysis

You can also track keyword rankings over time to see how clients are progressing for targeted terms. With a full overview of how keywords perform based on the provided metrics, it becomes easier to focus on the best ones for each client site.

Useful extras like Organic Keywords that reveals the terms driving traffic to a page make Ahrefs invaluable for in-depth agency research. It’s a premium tool with an associated cost, but the capabilities justify the price.


SEMrush is another leading paid SEO and content marketing toolkit suited for agencies and in-house teams. It packs a powerful keyword research module that delivers similar volume, CPC and competition insights as Ahrefs.

Managing Multiple Sites and Projects

The platform makes it easy to manage projects across multiple sites with robust reporting capabilities. Competitive data illuminates what rivals are targeting, so you can find gaps and opportunities.

SEMrush isn’t quite as robust as Ahrefs, but the focus on integrated marketing tools beyond just SEO makes it appealing for agency teams that handle a range of services.

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